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Vendors, Suppliers, Manufacturers, & Distributors

One Pass Access

We make it easier for you to stay in front of current and potential customers.


Healthcare is Competitive

One Pass Access keeps you in front of current and potential customers.  Our integrated platform offers all the necessary business operation components for increased customer market penetration.

Global Corporate Profile

Makes it easier for current and potential customers to view corporate information and contact you.

Software Platform

Interphases with multiple customer accounts providing easy departmental management of information requirements.

Increased Transparency

A direct connect view and access platform to simultaneously share information with multiple customers.

Return on Investment

“One Stop Shop” including Marketing, Corporate Demographics & Product Certifications, and Authorized Vetted Representatives.

Integrated Solutions & Better Ways to Connect with Customers.

Designed for Multiple Departmental Utilization.

One Pass Access Software provides multiple departmental “touch points” as each department plays a vital role in company performance and customer engagement.

Corporate Compliance

Administers the Regulatory & Federal Compliance Components to continue to do business in Healthcare.

Research & Development

Administers the FDA Registration, Product Certification Processes, and Product Specs & IFUs.

Sourcing & Contracting

Administers and Responds to Customer’s Sourcing Requests (RFs) and Contracting Agreements.

Human Resources & Training

Responsible for Representative Hiring Process including Credential Verifications & Employee Training.

Replacing Vendor Credentialing Services

Replacing Your Customer’s Expensive Vendor Credentialing Service Provider with a Better Industry Solution

One Pass Access Pricing

We keep it simple for Vendor Companies to fully engage with current and potential customers with monthly software subscriptions starting at $80 and $5 per user.

***There is a One-Time Administration Set Up Fee of $250.***