Clinical Care Providers & Physicians

HCO, IDN, Clinical Care Providers, and Physician Practices

We Make It Easier

Why independently struggle to obtain the same/similar vendor information that is needed by other Healthcare Organizations?

Why absorb the costs and independently struggle?

The same Vendor Companies are utilized by multiple Clinical Care Businesses and Physician Practices that require the same vendor company corporate documentation.   One Pass Access makes it easier to obtain and manage your entire 3rd Party Vendor Relationships.

Vendor Compliance & Quality

Keeping up-to-date with Healthcare’s everchanging requirements and guidelines is a daunting task for anyone.

We take Vendor Compliance & Risk Management, Vendor Product Certifications, and Vendor Representative Access Security off your “To-Do” List so you can focus on Patient Care.

Unlimited Vendor Data & Software Platform

We make it easier to obtain vital vendor business information and provide the software management platform.

Our all-inclusive software platform offers all the tools needed including Vendor Quality & Risk Management, Vendor Product Certifications, Sourcing & Contract Management, Location Access Management, and Reporting & Analytics.

One Platform for Multiple Departmental “Touch Points.”

We understand that there are multiple “stand-alone” software services utilized by multiple departments for overall management of Vendor Quality & Compliance Programs creating gaps and increasing costs.

One Pass Access creates the best environment for multiple departments to obtain the specific information needed in 1 Integrated System.

Vendor Corporate Compliance & Company Verified Information

Everything needed in One Place including Corporate Demographics , FDA Registrations, Specialty Certifications, Liability Insurances, Product Details, and Authorized Vetted Representatives.

Integrated Vendor Sourcing & Contract Management System

Centrally located software suite providing easy departmental staff access to view, mange, and perform their components of Vendor Sourcing Notifications, Vendor Company & Product Review, and Contract Management & Compliance.

Vendor On-Boarding, Verification, & Access System

Representatives are hired, vetted, and trained by the vendor company they represent to provide Sales, Service, and Delivery support to customers.  We eliminate unnecessary steps and financial barriers in obtaining accurate information.

Reporting and Analytics with Customizable Capabilities

Each software module throughout our integrated system provides departmental reporting and analytics.   We offer additional customizable reporting and analytic capabilities that are packaged and sent out on your schedule.

One Pass Access Pricing.

Healthcare Clinical Care Provider and Physician Practice Software Subscriptions are partially funded by Vendors & Suppliers that want your business.   Dependent upon the size and number of locations, we offer monthly software subscriptions starting at $20.

We offer additional fee for service consultation and advanced report packaging as an additional resource.